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Associate Analyst

Location: Austin, TX, Remote

Salary Range: $55,000-$65,000

Point 600 is ready to welcome an associate analyst to our growing team. This person will be responsible for analyzing data, recognizing trends, developing insights, and shaping recommendations for client-facing deliverables. This is a great opportunity to learn the latest technologies and work with excellent clients in a collaborative environment.

To apply, please email your resume to

Why Join Point 600?

At Point 600, we help our clients use data and technology to succeed. We conduct analysis, manage data, and help our clients select the right technology so they can prove their value and improve their work. Together these services allow us to help our clients modernize the communications function. We are called Point 600 because it takes 600 milliseconds (or .600 seconds) for the human brain to articulate language. This name represents the quantitative side of communications.


How you will make a difference at Point 600:
  • Conduct primary and secondary research, including social media listening usingmedia monitoring software, surveys, and online research

  • Summarize insights and recommendations from qualitative and quantitativeresearch

  • Lead the creation of analytical deliverables. Analysis may include gap analysis,reputation analysis, media analysis, and process analysis. You’ll be trained inthese techniques by Point 600 partners.

  • Visualize data insights using data visualization software (e.g., Tableau, GoogleData Studio)

  • Use Microsoft 365 tools (word, Excel, PowerPoint) to create agendas anddiscussion guides for meetings, capture key points from meetings

  • Peer-mentor partners, associates, and interns

What you need:
  • A thorough understanding (from personal, school, volunteer, or work experience)of how to identify patterns and summarize insights

  • Strong communication skills, especially in writing, editing, and summarizing

  • To be a curious and proactive problem solver

  • To be coachable, feedback-driven, and unafraid to ask questions

  • To be comfortable with some ambiguity and enjoy a role with autonomy

  • To have a growth-mindset, meaning a degree of humility and desire to learn from each other and improve


How your resume will stand out:
  • Personal, work, volunteer, or educational experience in corporate communications or marketing

  • Personal, work, volunteer, or educational experience with social media, especially social media analytics

  • Personal, work, volunteer, or educational experience with databases or coding

    • Python, SQL are helpful, but not required

  • Experience with statistical or research methods, including qualitative methods or quantitative methods, including surveys, focus groups, lived-experience data and numerical data.

  • Experience with one of more of the following technologies (CommTech):

    • Social media management systems (SMMS), e.g. Sprout Social, Khoros, Sprinklr

    • Media monitoring, e.g., Brandwatch, Meltwater, Talkwalker

    • Web analytics, e.g., Google Analytics

    • Data visualization/BI, e.g., Tableau, Google Data Studio

Additional Information About the Company and the Role
Life at Point 600:

Our culture is centered around four core principles:

  • People Centric: We center our people in our decisions and the way we work. We believe people who are supported at work and encouraged in their life deliver smarter strategies and are more effective when they are at work.

  • Belonging: We are intentional about creating an equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment where everyone belongs. At Point 600, we are deliberately building teams of people with different backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints. We celebrate people and embrace the spectrum of identity and expression; we believe that different perspectives and experiences are essential to our work.

  • Curiosity: We encourage our team to embrace learning that brings excitement, new experiences, and new ways of thinking. Point 600 provides structured learning and development, and we encourage our team to seek external pathways for new experiences, too.

  • Adaptability: We respect our team members and their unique needs inside and outside of the workplace. We work with our team members to build a working experience that works for them.


Expectations for Remote Work:
  • Internet Access: Point 600 will provide a monthly stipend for internet access.

  • Computer: Point 600 will provide a laptop and required software.

  • Working Environment: This role is remote (work-from-home,) however, Point 600 will work with you to provide working space if needed.

  • Trust: We trust our team to be autonomous and exercise time management.


Preparing to Interview with Point 600:
  • Use examples from your personal hobbies, school, family, volunteer, or work experience. We believe important skills can be developed in any setting, and we’ll be especially impressed if you can explain how skills gained in different situations can be relevant for work at Point 600.

  • Be prepared to discuss in-detail examples of your experience in analyzing information and determining findings or insights.

  • Be prepared to discuss your experience working in teams or with clients/customers.

  • Please ask us questions. You are interviewing us, too, to make sure Point 600 is a place you’d like to work.


To Apply & Application Process:
  • To apply, please email your resume to

  • After submitting your resume, you will hear from us about whether you have been selected to move forward or not.

  • Finalists will be asked to complete a project (<10 hours) and will be compensated for their time in completing the project.


Interview Tips

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Resume Resources

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