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Careers & Culture

Join Us! Open Roles

Associate Analyst,
Austin, TX (Preferred) or Remote
Admininstrative & Analytics Specialist,
Austin, TX (Preferred) or Remote

Our Culture

Our culture is centered around 4 core principles that we try our hardest to embody everyday.



Our people are the foundation of Point 600. That may sound cliché, but we take this seriously. We center our people in our decisions and the way we work. 

We believe people who are supported at work and empowered in their life deliver smarter strategies and are more effective when they are at work. That means our clients see better results. We limit the time our team spends working and proactively help our team manage their energy. You will work with people delivering their best work on your behalf.



We strive to be thoughtful and intentional about creating an environment that is welcoming for everyone and deliberately build teams of people with different backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints. We seek this in clients, too. We believe that having different viewpoints is essential to effective consulting.


If everyone has the same background, they’ll just use the same old answers. Our clients deserve new and innovative solutions and that requires new and innovative thinking.



We are firm believers in life-long learning in all avenues. This means we encourage our people to embrace learning that brings excitement, new experiences and new ways of thinking. This brings our clients greater value, from new subject matter to new hobbies, to new technologies.

Point 600 provides structured learning and development, and we encourage our team to seek external pathways for new experiences, too. 



For our Team: We respect our team members and their different needs outside of the workplace. We work with our team members to build a working experience that works for them. 

For our Clients: Just because something has been done a certain way in the past, that doesn't mean there is not a better way to approach it. Innovation requires experimentation, so we  start from proven methods, but also bring open minds to every opportunity. This also means challenging the status quo is encouraged across our team. 

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