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Data & Analytics

  • Measurement Strategy

  • Performance Reporting 

  • Earned Media Analysis

  • Reputation Analytics

  • Data Vendor Selection

Communications data is often unstructured and hard to work with. We know how to wrangle the unique comms data sets to find insight. 

We specialize in data and analytics for the communications function. From PR data to reputation tracking, we can help you measure it, analyze and interpret it and find ways to optimize it.

Featured Solution: 

Reputation Point
Measurement Model

Point 600 has developed a proprietary measurement strategy - Reputation Point - that evaluates your current state and business needs, and outlines a customized path to more effectively proving and improving the impact of your Communications efforts.

 For more information about Reputation Point, please fill out a Contact Us form.

Technology Consulting

  • Business Requirement Definition

  • Technology Selection

  • Change Management

  • Implementation Plans

  • Integration into Process Design

  • Technology Training

Communicators have myriad technologies available to help get work done. That technology must fit seamlessly into the function’s processes to be effective.


We can help select the right CommTech for your needs, define implementation plans, support configuring that technology, and train your teams to use it effectively. From media monitoring to project management technology, we can help. 

Tech Match

 Point 600's proprietary Tech Match offering enables you to combine the best CommTech stack with an automation process that fits your organization's needs. The result of this is alleviating the symptoms of the data slog, improving speed-to-insight, and improving Communications' strategic influence in the business.

 For more information about Tech Match, please fill out a Contact Us form.

Featured Solution:

Process Design

  • Tagging Architecture Planning

  • Content Creation Process 

  • Media Intake Process 

  • Media Relations Tracking 

  • Meeting Cadence

  • Crisis Management Protocol

  • Work and Initiative Prioritization 

Communications is a historically process-light function. This can leave teams duplicating efforts, being unsure of who will lead a project or losing time by not learning from past efforts (known as “reinventing the wheel”.)


Our process design approach uses a light-touch to create repeatable pathways that break down silos, create back-ups and streamline approvals so comms teams can focus on doing their best work. 

Featured Solution:

Knowing that communications tends to be a process-light function, process and standardization is required in a wide range of areas. We take a stakeholder-centric approach including interviews, questionnaires, and document review to identify and prioritize the needs that will have the greatest impact for the lowest effort.


Then, through a combination of documenting & implementing processes and conducting training, we drive adoption around initiatives, projects, and processes.

 For more information about Process Design, please fill out a Contact Us form.

Design Flow

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