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Proving and improving the impact of Communications begins with a clear data strategy. This tends to include prioritization of measurement objectives and KPIs, and a plan to parse the data and transform the data into real, valuable insights.

Investing in the enablement phase of data up-front will allow for richer insights and stronger outcomes down the line. We provide Data Strategy solutions that help Communications teams take the first meaningful strides towards analytics maturity.

Our Data Strategy Offerings include:

  • Measurement Framework

  • Custom KPI & Data Segmentation 

  • Reporting Strategy

  • Tagging Infrastructure Strategy

Featured Solution: Reputation Point

Point 600 has developed a proprietary measurement strategy - Reputation Point - that evaluates your current state and business needs, and outlines a customized path to more effectively proving and improving the impact of your Communications efforts.

 For more information about Reputation Point, please fill out a Contact Us form.

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